“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”
Henry David Thoreau

This wonderful Nature around us has never been so abused as today…
Nevertheless, it constantly invites us to discover.
Photography is only a means to pay tribute to its beauties and infinite ingenuity.
From the small insect and tiny flower to the giant trees and mountains, everything worthwhile is to be observed, enjoyed and respected.
Nature teaches us patience, respect and humility.

This website is first of all the result of many walks and observations in nature,
of researches in books and specialised websites.
The website is updated almost daily with new photos and notes.

A naturalist by heart, I am very interested in botany and entomology.
Mistakes are still possible, despite my being careful.
Don’t hesitate to tell me about them !

Catherine Dijon


My favourite species (you can discover my albums while clicking on each family below).


✾ The (wild) Orchidaceae – Orchids – are complex plants, which show us the incredible beauty and adaptation of the vegetal world. New species are discovered every year, often interdependent of a sole pollinator, even unknown for some species. They are often rare and threatened.

✾ The Lamiaceae are numerous around the world (at least 6000 species) and have precious medicinal, aromatic and culinary properties. They ware beautiful but tiny flowers. Various thymes, sages and mints are among the most popular.

◕‿◕ Insects

◕‿◕ The Syrphidae – hoverflies – are pretty flies disguised in bees, bumblebees and wasps. They are totally harmless. Due to their pollinating action, they are useful agents of biodiversity. Only in Belgium, 317 species were recorded and 505 in France!

♈ The Cerambycidae – Longhorn beetle or longicorns – have long antennae (as least equal to the body for the males). 25,000 species are recorded on the world. Some have bright colours. They are phytophagous species: the larvae feed on plants. Most of larvae are xylophagous: they feed on wood and bore galleries in dead of living wood. 127 species are recorded in Belgium.

There are also less common families I like a lot, as the Glaphyridae – Bumblebee Scarab beetles – with bright metallic colours, the Buprestidae – Jewel beetles – or the Cleridae – Checkered beetles.